Friday, March 7, 2003

Fun with Netflix

Part I in an irregular series...

Actual NFLX recommendations from my welcome page, somehow based on recent rentals. I'm not making these up.

I'll Like: The Basketball Diaries

similar to: Keep the River on Your Right

I'll Like: My Cousin Vinny

similar to: Go Tigers!

I'll Like: Bull Durham

similar to: An Evening with Kevin Smith

...and most bewildering,

I'll Like: Heavyweights

similar to: Panic Room

Thursday, March 6, 2003

A lot of interesting things going on worthy of comment, but I'm not in the mood.

I got an email from a college friend with whom I've been out of contact for a few years. While Friend A only sent an in-joke, it did inspire me to Google another long-lost friend. It seems Friend B has allegedly been doing some bad stuff. Some -- many -- would consider this the worst stuff you can get caught doing short of an al-Qaeda link (and were it not for terrorism being such a media priority, I'm sure a much bigger deal about this would be made, as B had recently achieved a position of some standing in B's community).

So now I'm just sad. For everyone allegedly involved, and for the family and friends of all parties. And I'm reminded of another college in-joke shared with A and B; this being a quote from a professor who did not suffer fools gladly in his lecture halls:

"Mr./Ms. _____, did you go to high school? Did you PASS?"