Friday, December 31, 2004

tick, tick, tick...

I, personally, will be thrilled to put 2004 behind me. Had a shocking death in the family, the car got stolen, and I began the long dental-implant process. Then there was that goddamned election, less said about the better. Things bode much better for aught-five: I have the new job to report to on Monday, we hope to get many years out of the new car, and the dental work should be complete this winter. Still, 2004 can go suck it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Are you driving anywhere for the holidays? You'll need things to listen to. May I suggest, both via Boing Boing:

A mix of Bollwood songs

for your mashup needs, "Meet the Beastles"

Monday, December 20, 2004

A north Minneapolis shooting, police standoff, and fire, all happening right across the alley from the home I grew up in:

--photo clipped--

Look at the left edge of the picture. See the house in the distance, with the door on the second story? That's our former next-door neighbors.

Accompanying, bizarre news story here. (registration required, and by the way, is a good source for logins to reg-required sites).

I am frequently grumpy about most of my family's exodus to the 'burbs. Now is not one of those times.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Here I am, fishing for new cat litter endorsements.

Several months ago, we bought some Worlds Best Cat Litter based largely on a ringing endorsement here. This litter is made from corn, is fully biodegradable, scoopable, flushable, all-natural, it mows the lawn, picks up the kids from school, entertains visiting relatives, etc. After a transitional phase, mixing as directed with the old brand (Tidy Cat), we eventually went to all-WBCL litterboxes...and then the trouble started. We're always very good about scooping the box at least twice a day, but still, the cats have recently taken to peeing and crapping just outside the box. Nearly once a day this week. My guess is either they're too old to move away from the traditional clay-based litter, or this stuff smells too much like their food-- a main ingredient of which is corn meal.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

I've dodged the unemployment bullet. My contract in social studies ends at the end of this month, with no chance of it being renewed: two permanent social studies editors are moving over to lit, and another has been laid off. But over the past few weeks I've interviewed for three positions in other departments, and accepted one in production. I'm going to be working on digital products for math and modern languages. It seems to be the best fit in terms of day-to-day work, people, and avoidance of nasty office politics. So after some time off between Christmas and New Year's, I should be able to transition over to the new gig rather seamlessly.