Thursday, August 28, 2003

my LaPlaca picks

This was a tough year to pick. Mostly because I don't watch much TV at all, but a big part of it was I vowed to stay away from FOX shows, as I've been burned twice now on announced shows never appearing. So, then:

10. Friends - Finally, it's going away.

9. Whoopi - Because she's not funny. She has never been funny. She's been incisive, perhaps -- her one-woman show was pretty good, as I recall.

8. Married to the Kellys - I was tempted to pick on this show's leadin, Hope and Faith, because of show-killer Ted McGinley. But H&F also has Kelly Ripa, who people (who aren't me) love, so they cancel each other out. MttKellys, on the other hand, has Breckin Meyer, so it's doomed.

7. Frasier - See comments for Friends, above; and Everybody Loves Raymond, below.

6. Tarzan - Do I even need to say anything here?

5. 10-8 - CHiPS retread between the safety that is America's Funniest Home Videos and the weirdness that is Alias will please neither of those established audiences.

4. Joan of Arcadia - teenager talking to God? Too quirky for a Friday night on CBS. If it survives, it'll be in a new timeslot.

3. Threat Matrix - Lukewarm cop-action show in the sacrifical Thursday slot against Friends and Survivor? buh-bye.

2. Like Family - hm. WB sitcom with an early premiere. I think it will draw poorly between Reba and Grounded for Life, but it's always a risk picking on WB sitcoms (same with UPN, for that matter), because what do they have to lose?

1. Everybody Loves Raymond - supposed to be the last season, but there's a good chance the cast could be moneywhipped into sticking around.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Mmmmm...unexplained bacon

If ever bacon demands an explanation, it's here.
this post, and the earlier bloggage I allude to in Matt's comments, got me wondering: at what point does political spam become a tool of the opposition? Are we approaching a time when, for argument's sake, pro-Dean spam is issued from pro-Bush factions (or vice versa), on the assumption that it will annoy more people than it will convert?

Monday, August 18, 2003

musings on the new workplace

At the risk of going all Jim's Journal on you, the new job is okay. Right now I come in, I do stuff, and I go home. As they get busier, I'll come in, do lots more stuff, and maybe never get to go home. But I'm eligible for OT, so that's a plus. They're installing new carpet that can be best described as "Cosby." So I'm in a temporary cube now and was supposed to get moved today, but the moving elves never came. At least the fumes have died down.

There are some interesting perks at this place. The building brings in ice-cream vendors on Wednesdays during lunch, alternating between DQ and Good Humor. This will probably go away during the winter, but maybe then they'll bring in St. Bernards with brandy casks. Also, the pop machines are a measly 25 cents...and stock Dr. Pepper, regular and diet.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

iViva Irrelevancy!

Blaster virus? What Blaster virus? Not on a Mac, baby. But work got nailed; that made Tuesday interesting.

Let's see...

Wisconsin State Fair The deep-fried Twinkie is foul. The process accentuated the Twinkie's chemical taste. Deep-fried candy bars are still delicious, however...this time it was a Mars. In non-food news, I was dismayed that the llamas were not yet on the grounds.

the weddin' A splendid time was had by all. Mom & Bonus Mom are quite happy.

Amy moves back to the Chicago area to get her MBA at Northwestern. Liz & Matt are arriving at our place tomorrow to help with the move, see us, etc.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

speaking of which,

Go Episcopalians. This is a great thing for Christianity. I hope that this combines with recent Vatican statements and that battle lines get drawn. There needs to be a schism; progressives within the faith need to assert themselves and take a stand against the bigots controlling the dialogue, and the teachings of Jesus (who never mentioned homosexuality) need to regain the forefront from the letters of Paul.
I'd like to extend my sincere personal thanks to President George W. Bush, His Holiness Pope John Paul II, Dr. William Frist (R-Tenn.), and Justice Antonin Scalia.

Why, you may ask?

Because the recent asshattery by these people have energized me around my mom's impending commitment ceremony this weekend. Since Mom and Donna mentioned their intent last November to do a ceremony, I've been supportive, but somewhat wary, as if I'd been asked to attend a Renaissance-costume nuptial, or something in which the couple wrote their own vows (Keep in mind, I eloped, so pretty much everythingseems excessive where weddings are involved). But, take that, you bigoted morons, there's a stand to make. Frankly, if you think my mom threatens your family, then you've got bigger problems than you think.

So yeah, hey guys, thanks for the extra measure of joy in your disapproval. Jackasses.

Thank you, I missed you too.

Since the last post, I:

*installed a new shower surround in the master bath, exposing my horrible caulking abilities for all to see,

*installed a new air-conditioner in the bedroom,

*started a new job,

*got pretty good at GTAIII,

*lost my lead in the dead pool,

*began reading Moby-Dick, or The Whale,

*did not go to Las Vegas,

*did indulge my geekiness in Indy for four days.

*was, and still am, tired a lot, despite going to bed before 10 most nights.

Of these, the new job might be most noteworthy, but for some reason I find Moby Dick to be the most interesting bullet item. I picked it up for 50 cents at the last Brandeis Book Sale, and thought, this is one of the many cultural touchstones that you've not read, and it's shorter than the latest Harry Potter tome. So I'm a little over halfway through it now. It makes for good El reading, but it's odd reading for the beaches of suburban Chicago.